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Artists in today's Western world are both celebrated and misunderstood. Some of the best-known people today are artists, who enjoy great renown in popular culture: musicians, novelists, actors, directors, etc. Most artists, however, are unrecognized and in some instances even ostracized. Furthermore, many artists face economic challenges in addition to social pressures.

As difficult as it is to be a secular artist in Western cultures, it is even a greater challenge for Christian artists. Artists in any culture are few, but the ratio of Christian artists is far less than that in the general populace. This leaves Christian artists often in isolation and far more vunerable.

The purpose of this website is to support and motivate Christian artists. You can be encouraged, there are other Christian artists like you! I have placed here many of the resources accumulated during my 30+ years as a Christian artist. Often, we are unaware of the contributions of others that can inform and inspire our faith. I hope that this website and the links to others' works will stimulate your art and faith.

Terry B. Ewell

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